Sunday, February 22, 2009

OC Wave Travel Baseball Team at the Big League Dreams

W. Covina Big League Field of Dreams

Cory Lidle 1972-2006-West Covina Resident who made his Major League Pitching Debut on May 8, 1997 (One day before my Son Garrett was born) for the New York Mets. In 2002 he pitched 43 innings without allowing any earned runs. His last Major League appearence was on October 1, 2006 with the New York Yankess.
He will be remembered for everything on and off the field.

Baseball Photography is my passion. I love all the action on the field, in the dug out and in the stands. I am so honored to have a wonderful son and that I can capture his dreams with my camera.

Garrett Molnar #8 pitching for the OC Wave on Wrigley Field


dave said...

Thnks for the wonderful picture of Cory's statue.Hopefuly, Garrett and the OC Waves can play in our Cory Lidle Memorial Thanksgiving Tournament.

Jenny Lee's Photography said...

Dave can you give me your information>?