Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeff and Jessica Ventura*08-04-07*Falkner Winery*Temecula, California


I Love this shot!
Skyler is lighted by the sky
What is she whispering in her ear?

Here comes the Bride

The Rings Unity
The Kiss
Mr. and Mrs. Ventura
Matt, Amanda, Zach and Skyler Molnar
Jeff, Jessica and Lu
Molnar Family with the Bride
Lashelle and Ben Molnar
The Molnar Siblings (Jeannie, Mark, Mike & Doreen)
Where's my mommy?

There's my mommy

The entire Molnar Family
The Molnar Family
The Molnar Boys
I wonder what they were discussing??

See the girl in the back, she's head over heels for love!
"Some day we'll be walking down the isle!"
Mr. and Mrs. Ventura

The Cake
You get me and I'll get you!
Get ready ladies All the single ladies, put your hands up

Here comes the garter
The men are waiting for the Garter
The Bride finally gets to sit down, what a night!


Amanda said...

Jenny you did such a beautiful job! I STILL love looking at those photos. I loved seeing the whole family all dolled up!

Coastie Family said...

I agree with Amanda!! And I can't believe how little Bryce was at the wedding. It melts my heart :)